I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

imageSorry! I know it has been a month since my last post, but I do have excuses!!! Two small children and no help is always an excuse to not accomplish your stuff right?!! 🙂

Anyways, after nearly two months living in a totally unknown-area- before, I now can say I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Why? Simple because little by little with God’s help things seem to be getting on their place. You see, we’ve found a church, we have few options for nanny, I’ll start college next semester, children will be going to pre-school next semester as well, I enrolled into a crossfit class, and other small family victories that make a difference.

You know, it feels good to be at a place where things are settling and you feel accomplished, plus in this process you get to learn more about yourself and discover the strength you had within.

I don’t know which place you are in your life, but if you feel like you are stuck are a place and it seems you’ll be there forever, hey, by experience, I’ll tell you that your light in the end of the tunnel is arriving sooner than you think!




New Year’s Resolution in full strength!



Yeah! Welcome 2016! Yeah yeah! Is it only me, or anybody else also desperately wished for 2016 to come ASAP?!

Well, 2016 is here and so are my resolution goals for the year. Interesting enough, this year I really want to keep a close eye on my resolutions. I feel so confident at this stage in my life that it scares me a little! I blame it all on Noah and Olivia!!! These kids changed my life in a way that truly makes me want to be better just for them!

Now that 2 years have passed since Noah was born and 15 months since Olivia’s; I feel that my hormones are back to normal, sort of, and I can think clearly about things. I’ve got to say that for 2 years I thought I would be stuck on that post-partum phase and never leave it!

But hey, I’m here! I survived it!!! One of my resolutions is to focus on myself so I can improve my career and my motherhood. I know it won’t be easy to keep up with this resolution, specially because my family just moved to California and we don’t know anybody there, or ever lived there! However, I’m hoping that God’s plan to move us there must be awesome and we will be fine! 😉

Now onto the resolution and ready to live it! 🙂

Do you have a New Year’s resolution?  I would love to hear it from you! 🙂




Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

Yeahhh!!! Finally the best time of the year, for me, has arrived! I love December holidays! I love the feeling of closing and starting a new page in your life as a new year begins!

For my luck, Noah and Olivia have been able to experience the holidays in Brazil, my home country, for the first time in their lives! I never planned on it, but I’m so glad it happened! Like in every culture people celebrate holidays differently, and in Brazil Christmas and New Years’ bring feelings on forgiveness, joy, harmony and love with them.

Besides the fact that is 100F here, lpeople always try to bring a better version of themselves during this time of the year.

Noah and Olivia don’t really understand what Christmas is, they don’t even know who Santa Claus is ( I don’t care much about Santa Claus and to be very honest, I find him creepy), but they do know all the colorful lights that come with Christmas! They now learned to say: Natal (Christmas) and everywhere they see lights and Christmas tree, they shout: Natal mamãe!!!

Anyways… All I want to say is that for an international family like ours, I feel really blessed that Noah and Olivia get to experience holidays outside of the USA and create memories for the rest is their lives!!

Now my wish for 2016 is that we may live our lives free from things that stress us; bring to our memories things that make us happy and enjoy in abundance that life that God gave us!! Bring it on 2016!!! We will be waiting for “you” happy and dancing a good song!!!

Cheers to a new year!image

it’s all new

It seems that lately everything is new around me. Noah and Olivia are growing in the speed of light and everyday, literally, they do/say something new. I feel that if I blink I’ll miss a milestone.

Things are also new in our family lives. We are moving from east coast to the west coast. This change alone is pretty big for us. I can nunber a few things that are new to our family:

1- first time Noah and Olivia traveled by plane without papai.

2- first time we are staying for more than a moth away from home as a family of 4.

3- first time Noah and Olivia go to bed without papai for more than 3 days (it was actually for 2 weeks. Thank God for grandparents’)

4- first time in 6 years I, mamãe, get to celebrate my birthday in my home country.

I have to say that in my mind I thought there were more firsts… But I guess it is my anxiety mind overthinking about everything!! 🙂

Well, all I can say is that I’m pretty excited about all these new events in our lives. I’m really hoping that Noah and Olivia Grace will experience, since early age, the beauty of being adventurous, meeting new people, and to be open for changes.

One thing I can say for sure, is that so far, they seem to be enjoying grandparents’ house a lot!!!


Camila Fernanda image.jpeg

The Beginning of all!

image.jpegMy first post is dedicated to those that it started it all. To those that changed my life upside down and made me, I believe, a better person. To those that forever will be the reason I exist. This first post is dedicated to Noah & Olivia! They are my 2 year old boy and my 1 year old girl. Thank you for gifting me with your presence. I only hope I can make the best of it as long as I live.

Love, mamãe